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Position: Community Health Nurse
Examples of Principal Duties:
1. Performs skilled public health nursing services to clients referred through County programs, community agencies, physicians, hospitals, and self-referral in areas of parent and child health, nutrition, family planning, communicable and chronic disease. Interview client, family, and others; assess needs, environment, and existing treatment; plan and administer treatment and medication, monitor results. Counsel clients in preventative care, health education, and promote physical and emotional health and prevention of disease. Refer clients to other health resources as needed. 2. Provide public health nursing services to schools and parents in health screening, immunizations, and health education classes. Provide first aid for playground injuries. 3. Coordinate home visiting program. Discuss services available, assist in utilizing services. Assess and identify child and family medical, social and/or educational needs and coordinate service team to meet client and family needs. 4. Coordinate family planning program. Educate and counsel clients regarding birth control and healthy behavior. 5. Prepare and teach educational classes to individuals, families, agencies, community groups, and professionals on appropriate health related topics. 6. Establish and maintain client record keeping, as well as other departmental record keeping. 7. Independently provide nursing treatment in the absence of pathology. In the presence of pathology, provide nursing treatment with physician collaboration. Provide medical treatment under protocols established by Health Officer. 8. Represent community health services in the community and advisory group meetings, schools and public agencies to promote community health and interpret policy and procedures.
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